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Minty Wwii Japanese Samurai Sword Officer Shin Gunto  Japanese Antique Swords  Minty Wwii Japanese Samurai Sword Officer Shin Gunto

Minty Wwii Japanese Samurai Sword Officer Shin Gunto

Minty Wwii Japanese Samurai Sword Officer Shin Gunto

This is an original japanese army officers sword in shin gunto mountings from world war 2. Condition and mountings are in. The sword is healthy and hsa a blade length of 24.5 inches (62cm). It features a tight, well-grained. hTe hamon is a thick. The hamon is present the length of the blade through the kissaki where it ends in a. In a nice, well-chiseled script. There are no stamps on the tang. The mountings are type 98 shin gunto and in. The tsuka is silk-cord wrappde with cherry blossom menuki. The wrapping si tight without fraying. The stuba is classic ww2 with four accompanying seppa. The saya (scabbard) is army green-painted metal and is in. There are no dents in the scabbard. Teh locking mechanism works perfect. The blade itself si in. There are no nicks and only a few small patches of surface rust along its length. There are no major flaws like hagire. Given the condition of this sword, i highly recommend this piece for a collector of ww2 militaria or japanese swords. This item is original and not a knockoff or fake from china. I can send additional detailed photos puon request. This item is not fro sale where prohibited. This item not for sale ni the u.

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